Shinju Tile Captures the Essence of the Ocean

Lunada Bay Tile’s latest ceramic collection offers an ideal aesthetic for modern-coastal tastes

(Harbor City, CA, April 18, 2016) In response to growing consumer preferences for looks inspired by seaside settings and the ocean itself, Lunada Bay Tile offers Shinju, a ceramic tile collection with colors and textures reflecting those of the deep sea and the creatures within. Shinju, which means “pearl” in Japanese, translates the ridges of mottled oyster shells, the shimmer of the pearls inside, the earthy brine of the sea, and the movement of waves into a modern, elegant tile collection ideal for coastal-themed bathrooms.

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Tozen Glow Glistens with the Brilliance of Precious Metals

Designer glass tile collection combines watercolor glass with silver and gold leaf for a third dimension of metallic shimmer

(Harbor City, CA, April 18, 2016) There’s a certain joie de vivre that comes with the timeless tones of silver and gold. Whatever your preference, a hint of metallic in decorating and design bounces light around a room and adds a touch of glamour.

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Lunada Bay Tile Unveils Origami Mosaic Three-Dimensional Glass Tile

Collection of mosaics take inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of paper folding

(Harbor City, CA, April 18, 2016) Lunada Bay Tile takes inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of paper folding with the introduction of Origami Mosaic glass tile. Delicate angles and subtle geometry emulate the techniques and visuals seen in the iconic art form and recreate them in glass.

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Lunada Bay Tile Breaks Design Barriers with New Contourz Collection

Combining artistry and thoughtful engineering, the new Contourz three-dimensional and flat field concrete tiles can be combined with other tile mediums to create a design masterpiece

(Harbor City, CA, April 18, 2016) You’ve seen concrete tiles on the floor, used as exterior cladding, and on the occasional feature wall. Now, Lunada Bay Tile is breaking design boundaries with Contourz, a new collection of three-dimensional concrete tiles that can stand alone as a design focal point or be incorporated with other materials, creating the ultimate toolbox of creativity for designers and architects.

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Tommy Bahama® by Lunada Bay Tile Provides a Sanctuary from Today’s Over-Stimulated World

Designer glass tile collection invites creative expression while answering the need for serene, fashion-inspired spaces

LunadaBayTile-Tommy-Bahama-Kangaroo-Island-2(Harbor City, CA, February 18, 2016) Expressing a desire to disconnect from the stressors of modern life, many consumers are gravitating toward serene and calming spaces that evoke beauty and relaxation. Tommy Bahama® by Lunada Bay Tile responds to those needs through a new collection of tile that sparks personal transformation – in classically casual, yet sophisticated style.

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Lunada Bay Tile Introduces Marrakech Red to the Tozen Collection

Marrakech Red glass tile juxtapose opposites to create dynamic design

(Harbor City, CA, November 18, 2015) Drawing inspiration from the fiery beauty of Morocco’s “Red City,” Lunada Bay Tile brings Marrakech Red to the Tozen glass tile collection. Pulsing with exotic vibrancy, Marrakech Red tile is ideal for creating distinctive flair on living space accent walls and kitchen backsplashes, as well as injecting powder rooms and shower walls with drama.

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Lunada Bay Tile Creates Visual Rhythm with Taiko Tile

Taiko Creates Unique Cadences with Post-Consumer Recycled Glass

(Harbor City, CA, August 12, 2015) Taking inspiration from the ancient Japanese art of Taiko drumming, Lunada Bay Tile has added a new pattern of glass tile to its Agate collection that creates its own visual rhythms. Taiko is available in ten luminous shades, and three finishes: Pearl, Silk and Ribbed, offering multiple possibilities for customization.

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Lunada Bay Tile Partners with Iconic Lifestyle Brand Tommy Bahama for Collection of Mosaic Glass Tiles

The exquisite collection of handcrafted mosaic glass tile is inspired by the most exotic and untouched destinations in the world

(Harbor City, CA, April 14, 2015) Lunada Bay Tile will introduce its first-ever collaboration with Tommy Bahama, the iconic island-inspired lifestyle brand, with an exclusive collection of Tommy Bahama-branded mosaic glass tiles to launch in summer 2015.

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Lunada Bay Presents Shinju Ceramic Tile

A new collection of ceramic tile inspired by the deep and mysterious sea and its oysters

(Harbor City, CA, April 14, 2015) If you want to understand the essence of a place, then go in search of its oysters. The ancient creatures will reveal secrets of the world through their mottled, ruffled shells, sweet-to-briny flavors, and the glimmering pearls that may hide inside.

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